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Art of Forgiveness- Nachiketa Dhyan

Forgiveness….the most difficult task for a human being. We do a lot of remedies, rituals and other different things to improve ourselves & our lifestyle but sometimes what we don\’t want to do is the simplest remedy which is the most required and creating blockages into our soul\’s progression is – forgiveness. क्षमा बलमशक्तानाम् शक्तानाम् भूषणम् …

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Mars in Cancer- Antardwand

Moon is the epicentre of your birth chart and Cancer rasi is the powerhouse -The main house where your thoughts get generated- Mars is Krodh – Saturn is Kop and both of them do not behave well in the watery emotional sign of Cancer as neither the Krodh or Kop is welcome in the heart- That is why disease like TB, low learning ability, Blood Pressure or head-related issues will come in the picture.

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