Nakshatra Padas-First time ever a book written on practical use of Nakshatra Padas to make predictions using such a minute degree of Zodiac. This book is a conversation between Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Paarvati explaining why native is suffering in his life, what native has done in past life that he is experiencing problems.

Then lord Shiva explains source of problem and remedies to get rid of his problems in life, By using Nakshatra pada you can tell complete life pattern of the native and make life trouble free.

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The first book by Lunar Astro written by Deepanshu Giri.

For the first time, a book which helps you make stunning predictions using Nakshatra Padas. 

How to predict curses and pending karma in a chart. How Navamsa will help you find the fruit of your karmas?

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